And so it begins.

So here I am, writing in a wordpress.  Shauna was the friend who coerced me into getting a blog, so she gets a shout out in the second sentence in my blog-dom. I’ve been keeping a LiveJournal since my freshman year in high school, but the first few years are immature drivel. There were lots of feelings, however, I find the feelings stupid now. Essentially, I write down day-to-day occurrences and feelings in the LiveJournal. I used to update a lot, but now if something special strikes me that’s the only time I feel the need. I have a written diary, but I only write in that for private feelings.

I guess I should get to the point of this. I intend to write tangents in this blog. They will definitely relate back to me and my feelings, however, the substance will not be purely anecdotal, as is the case in my LiveJournal. The tangents will be ideas, if they can be called that. I’m going to see this as a dumping-grounds for my brain. I think a lot of things. Sometimes I feel as though they’d be fun to share but I just don’t quite know how to do it or who to share it with. I won’t say that all of these thoughts will be unique or interesting, but I don’t care. 🙂

I guess I should introduce myself? Give a little context to the thoughts? It’s silly that I’m going to introduce myself because I’m going to assume the people who read this are my friends. I’m going to post it on my Facebook. No one’s going to click the link. I’m talking to myself. Hi, Anita, how are you? I’m all right. I should be reading some book.

Anywhoo. My name is Anita, but I think you guessed that. Presently, I’m twenty-years-old. I attend the University of New Hampshire. I’m a psych major and I hope to acquire an English minor, but I’m a slacker who becomes very confused at the slightest thought of any sort of administration interaction. Something in my brain just flips the “go to mush” switch whenever anything that involves being remotely organized or methodical comes into play. Silly.

I find talking about my personality more important than talking about the things I do. I don’t like them to define me, but it often helps people understand my interests and values.  I think. So, people are my favorite. I love people. I love people-watching, to the point where it becomes borderline creepy. I say borderline to make myself feel less bad about it. One of the most fascinating things is to just sit and ponder the lives of strangers. Don’t you ever sit in a subway and wonder where everyone is going? Do you want to learn their life stories? I often think to myself, “Are they going home to someone who loves them?” For some reason the last one is the most important to me because people on the subway always look so terribly sad. I can only hope that when they get to their destinations, someone will greet them with open arms and melt the frown away.
I digress. Greatly. Expect  a lot of that here. Stream of consciousness writing! I learned about that in Intro to Lit Analysis! …See what I mean? Digressions.

Yeah. I like people. I like to talk to people, but I consider myself initially shy. Get to know me and you’ll forget that I was every shy when we first met. As a matter of fact, you may adamantly deny that I was ever shy. Silly. I really like music, pictures, and words. Essentially, I like things that aren’t math. It’s another thing on the “brain-to-mush” list.

I love giving advice. I want to know your inner-workings. I want to know your deepest secrets and your undisclosed desires (hehe). That’s not a lie, by the way. I feel very close to a lot of people because they have the tendency to open up to me. Try my advice-giving services out some time. I’d be more than happy to help, or just listen. I love to love and support people. I’m a stupid bleeding-heart. Sue me.

This is getting way too long for my liking. What you must know is that I find myself extremely hard to get to know. I am most certainly not “an open book.” It is important to be courteous and pleasant to people when you meet them, and certainly depending on the context in which I meet you I might say some pretty scandalous things. However, keep in mind that I’m full of surprises. Perhaps this blog will help shed some light (is the word for that elucidate? I wanted to use elucidate instead of that but I didn’t want to misuse it and sound pretentious) on me. Mostly, I just want people to think and perhaps understand what goes on inside that CUH-RAY-ZEE brain of mine.

PS: I’m an INFP. That’s a very important fact.

PPS: I love you. 🙂


2 Responses to “And so it begins.”

  1. Dani Says:


  2. Nathan Says:

    “This is getting way too long for my liking. ”

    Yes. still good “articles” though. Just a bit too long. Then again, this is a journal. You should write till you feel that you’ve written enough.

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