Ain’t nothing but mammals, eh?

Randall 326 is feeling quite randy tonight, which brings me to tonight’s topic!


I just turned my head to my roommate and announced this excitedly to her, when she mentioned she had already blogged about “casual sex” and apparently I wouldn’t like her take on it. I’ll get to the casual sex part later.

So how, did we arrive to this topic of the night, which is very near and dear to my heart? Well, tonight’s episode of Glee was about Madonna and some of the characters struggling with the status of their virginities. Clearly, Madonna is a strong leader in women respecting themselves and being raunchy beasts! Earlier, we were watching an interview with Lady Gaga and she promotes the same sexual comfort and strength with females. I became giddy with ~*~*girl power*~*~! I just love that there are two prominent female figures in the media who are so open about their sexualities. It is such a taboo thing to discuss in polite society, but why? Of all of the physical acts a person could do in this world, fornication is perhaps the most natural of them all. It’s how we all got here, you know.

In any case, the definition of said “hooking up” by what I have asked many people is simply making out with someone. Honestly, I think that’s a little innocent and I fully condone you marching up to someone and locking lips. It’s a great way to connect with someone on a little bit of a deeper level. A kiss is a door to personality. I won’t get into too many personal stories here because, again, not my LiveJournal, but every person’s kiss is so unique and…for the lack of better word, special. Some lips feel more right than others, some lips you just have to grudgingly accept as sloppy, but the mood just falls together for a good ol’ session of the makey-outey. I have lost all credibility. My way of delivering this subject is becoming so juvenile!

One thing that bothers me is that the good, solid make out is becoming so under appreciated! Tell me, don’t you sometimes just want to make out with someone and not let it go any further? These days (by these days, I mean late teens/early twenties) it seems as though the make out is just a means to the end. You just can’t let the make out progress to something else too quickly, either, if that is what both people are looking for. One does not simply shove the tongue in a throat and then think that all is well! That is most certainly not the case! A great kiss is a powerful tool, ladies and gentlemen. Perfect it. Refine it. Adjust it the receiving individual. Each person goes into the kissing session with a different style and different experiences, explore, embrace, meet halfway, LOVE IT. I’m not saying never let this lead to other things, because it is certainly a great way to get things going, however, revisiting a simpler time when you’d have to sneak a make out in a crevice somewhere in the hallways of your high school can be fun. Right? Anyone? Not classy? Oh.

So, let’s explore  the aforementioned “casual sex” topic. I, for one, am very much on the side of having casual sex. I think that if two people have a great sexual chemistry but no personal chemistry between them, why not let them tear up the sheets? It can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience for both parties involved. Maybe I’ve been reading a little too much Cosmo. Of course, I’m going to say that both parties have to be completely respectful of one another and limits. The word no most certainly means no, and if it’s uttered even once (unless you’re into that sorta thing…) you better immediately stop whatever the hell you’re doing.

Some people seem to think that other people, especially women, who choose to engage in casual sex are somehow “slutty” or “not classy” and I think that is completely untrue. As long as a woman respects herself and her body and demands that the man she is having sex with respects her too, what could be wrong? However, I feel as though I’m implying everyone should run around having sex with everyone…which I’m not. I think that people should certainly be careful who their partners are, always be safe, and all that basic knowledge everyone was taught in middle school But, calling back to this episode of Glee, I think someone’s first time should be really special! Maybe it’s the sentimentalist in me, but it’s culturally built up to be such a tremendous deal and I can’t say I disagree. It is an extremely intimate moment that I believe one should share with someone he or she trusts. Other than the first time, once you’re comfortable with your body and prowess 😉 I think it’s great to embrace your sexuality. It’s not taboo to enjoy sex. If people didn’t like sex so much we wouldn’t have such a huge population issue, now would we?

Let’s not kid ourselves, world. We love being physical with each other. Embrace it! Again, not saying you have to be really into hooking up, because some people aren’t, and that’s okay. However, no one should be ashamed of it. There are so many other facets I want to delve into, like the hook up culture, love and sex, how silly I think everyone is about the sex taboo, but these are all for later I feel. It’s getting late.

Here’s a picture because I don’t have any!


I encourage safety, yes I do.


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