‘Cause we are living in a material world and I am…a broke college student.

So, I was checking my blog stats and I got a HUGE influx the day I wrote my entry about hookups/sex. You filthy people! Maybe I should write more raunchy things? Anywhoo…

Angry rant time! Ready? Go!

I was sitting in my dorm room sometime earlier this week, perhaps even typing something into this blog. All of the sudden, I hear something click into the crease where my laptop screen meets the keyboard part. Something tiny and shiny flew into there. “SHIT!” I exclaim, my eyes darting to my left hand’s middle finger. My worst fears had been confirmed. The diamond and setting from my favorite ring on my middle finger had come flying out. I must have brushed it somehow to cause it to come FLYING out, however, I was in too much of a state of shock to remember the details. I knew I was going home on the weekend, so I didn’t sweat it. I’d talk to the nice people in Kay Jeweler’s to see what I could do!

A little bit of context: I bought that ring to replace one that had been given to me as a gift. Long story short, almost three years ago, I was in a pretty low place and I wanted to make myself feel appreciated…by myself. So, I bought a pretty diamond ring to take a spot of a ring my high school boyfriend gave me (the wound was fresh…haha) and it was a lovely, empowering moment. I was independent and I did not need a man to give me jewelry! I could do it on my own! Mind you, it’s a $150 ring. I didn’t spend my money too wisely in high school, but I sure had more of it than I do now.

So, I march into the mall, all business-like, heading straight for Kay Jeweler’s. I ended up waiting around awkwardly for a little while, so my broke self pretended to be interested in the jewelry in the display cases. I felt extremely uncomfortable looking at all types of clunky diamond rings that I would A) never buy and B) never want to receive. They’re just too expensive! I never want anyone spending that much money on me, but I digress. Eventually, a man comes over and helps me, looks at my ring pieces for all of two seconds and informs me that, “This is going to be prong work and prong work and will cost you about $100.” My heart sank, because that’s 2/3 the worth of the ring! To fix it! What the hell! I made some cutesy comment, thanked him, and scuttled my monetarily-challenged self out of there, my imaginary tail between my legs.

I wandered around the mall a little bit more, just because I hadn’t been there in a while, and quite a few new stores opened up. One caught my eye with beautiful dresses in black and white…but I didn’t feel like going in there. Usually, any new store in our mall is high-end and they follow me around because I’m definitely going to try to steal something. Right.

It upset me how saddened and ashamed I was of not being able to afford a little fix like that, since the ring meant so much to me. I felt like everyone in the store was judging me, the under-dressed, poor college student. They knew I had no place in there.

I went into Claire’s to try to find anything to hold the place, since I fiddled with that ring often, but the rings there were too gaudy and downright ugly. I just want my old ring back. I want the ring that stayed with me these years, reminding me that I need to value myself! I guess valuing myself comes with a price tag, huh? Oh, materialism. How I hate thee.

My collection of change. You can see my mom's wedding ring on my middle finger! She's letting me use it as a place-holder because it doesn't fit her. Mommy. ❤


One Response to “‘Cause we are living in a material world and I am…a broke college student.”

  1. bradstuart Says:

    Haha is it materialism you hate? Do you really hate material things? Do you hate oxygen too? Or is it that you’re just justifying not having enough money?
    Life teaches you that you have to work hard for your money, but do you really? Try on the concept of abundance for a while and see how much you hate materialism.

    Good Luck with the ring.

    Bradley Stuart

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