All we care about is runway models, cadillacs, and liquor bottles.

Allllriiiiiiightttt blog #2 in the dual 30 day challenge!

#2. Happy.

Hot chocolate. Pajama pants. Christmas tree. I am what they call, “livin’ the dream.”

Prompt #2: A famous person I’ve been compared to.

Quite honestly, I very rarely…or never…get compared to anyone famous. The one I can recall is that I’ve been told I resemble a “Brown Lady Gaga” on more than one occasion. That might be because I have a large nose. And nothing else.

I went to see Lady Gaga on December 1, 2009. OH MAH GAWD A YEAR AGO, just about. I suppose if you slap a blonde wig on me, sunglasses, a skimpy outfit, and dominatrix boots, then put me under harsh fluorescent lighting I look like Lady Gaga. Some guy in the 7-11 by the Wang Theater approached me to confirm whether or not I was Lady Gaga. I’m not exactly sure what he said. I know that he approached me and asked me where I was from…because he had to make sure I wasn’t her. Interesting.

I also had a couple of girls approach me in line and ask to take a picture with me after I recanted the tale of the random guy in 7-11. I suppose that they agreed with the guy with the teardrop tattoo under his eye…but at least I was in very poor city lighting. What a good show that was!

I’m pleased that I’m not like any celebrity though. To make myself feel better during those “celebrity doppelganger” weeks, I just tell myself that I’m a unique snowflake and I am too special to resemble someone else. My favorite Disney Princess is Esmeralda. Oh my GAWD fierce bitch. Can she count as my famous person?

Maybe you can help me! Who do I remind you of?


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