Some will win. Some will lose. Some were born to sing the blues.

If you haven’t noticed, I like to make my blog post titles lyrics of songs I’m listening to at the moment. I try to pick some type of related lyric to what I’m talking about in the entry. Sometimes they have nothing to do with them and they’re just cool. I don’t pick vastly popular songs, but today my Pandora gave me Don’t Stop Believin’. Oh yeah. Anyways!

#3. Sad. I stopped believin'. Didn't hold on to that feelin'.

5 Things that irritate me about the opposite sex, eh? I’m guessing this has to do with my preference, since it said opposite/same sex.

1. I hate that guys think, somehow, they’re more animalistic than girls are. They can’t control themselves, so somehow their dumb sexual actions can be justified. Bad excuse, guys. I’m not saying that guys are animals solely, because I believe that girls are just as bad as guys are. It varies person to person, it has nothing to do with whether you’re male or female. I just hate how both genders drive these wedges between one another. It’s stupid to me.

2. I don’t like that guys think they need to act all tough. I mean, sometimes I like a guy who will stand up for me and be all brave. It’s cute! However, I really like vulnerable, emotional people. I like people who feel deeply, who aren’t afraid to show how they really feel.

3. Morning wood. Don’t poke me with it. I’m sleepy.

4. I don’t like how guys are astounded that I know dorky things/the internet. I’m actually a pretty well-rounded girl. I know a lot of things about many facets of life, so don’t be surprised if I start talking about your sports team, video games, or literature. I guess it goes in conjunction that guys don’t think girls can like cars, shoot whiskey, or do any of those other “manly” things. I bet I could take a shot better than 90% of the men who may read these things, ah thank you very much. I also don’t like how guys are allowed to sleep around and girls aren’t! I mean, sure we all can, but I’m a ho if I do it. A guy is OOOOH A PLAYAAAA.

5. I’m having a hard time coming up with a 5th one, since I honestly don’t have qualms with the male gender as a whole. I sometimes feel like I get along with guys better than I do with girls. I get along with girls if they’re laid back, not stuck up, and willing to just be cool people. Thankfully, all of the girls I associate with are just as such. However, when first meeting people, I just find it easier to strike up a conversation with a guy. I would have an easier time writing about 5 things I don’t like about people in general. I don’t really like to set guys and girls apart for many things. Sexually, yes, because I’m only attracted to males, but other than that…there’s no real difference to me. I guess.

That was such a cop-out 5th thing but it’s true. I quite frankly love men and really just can’t say too many bad things about them. ;P


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