I guess what they say is true. I could never be the right kind of girl for you.

Day #4, commence!

#4 Pissed.

I am very aware of how foolish I look, but that’s how I look when I’m pissed. I won’t retake a picture for this, since I’m not taking it deathly seriously.

#4: The best thing to happen to me this week.

This week wasn’t very good. It started off on a very negative note, which has launched me as close to the edge of sanity as I was willing to go. there are always bright moments, but I just have a big cloud hanging over my head.

But! I went to see Jeffree Star last night, which was really fun. The two opening acts were Dev and The It Boys. Both of them were pretty awesome. They brought great energy. Ian, Alyssa, and I went to the Worcester Palladium, upstairs, which was tiny. There were approximately 100 people there. The other show I went to that was that small was Harry and the Potters back in 2005! In the BURLINGTON PUBLIC LIBRARY, REPRESENT.

We met up with some of Alyssa’s friends. They were quite fun. The crowd was comprised of 15-year-olds and their questionably old chaperones. I wanted to mosh with the little kids, since I know I can kick their pre-pubescent asses. this didn’t happen, much to my dismay, but Alyssa, Ian, and I danced our hearts away to Mr. Star.

He is just as gorgeous in person as he is in pictures. I was struck by his androgynous beauty! He is very skinny and when I put my arm around him for a picture, I was afraid I would break him. You’d expect a guy whose lyrics are, “Ain’t no bitch who can do it like me/I’m the h-o-t s-h-i-t” to be kind of an asshole. He was very humble, polite, soft-spoken, and sweet. He called me baby! Haha.

The Worcester Palladium is tagged with “IB AF AK <3” now, by the way. How fun!

In any case, during an altogether shit-tastic poop of a week, there was some dancing the night away, screaming, and good fun. It helped me take my mind off of things, and it also helped that I was there with my two best friends.

…And that we were behind two Juggalos in line. Fucking miracles.


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