Release your high hopes and they’ll survive ’cause this is the future and you are alive.

Ahh, I haven’t updated in such a long time and it really disappoints me. I was just reading this article, 50 Lessons Life Taught Me, and one of the lessons was “If you want to be a writer, write.” I have been doing some writing since I’m in a poetry class, which I am absolutely in love with. However, I haven’t written for myself in a long time. I did a few LiveJournal updates, solely because I felt as though I had to update myself on my life, but I just like to go off on these tangents that maybe someone will read.

So today as I was just lathering my hair, I thought to myself, “Aw yeah, college yeah, best years of my life, yeah.” I appreciate the fact that I think about these things in the morning, because it’s a nice way to start the day. Then I get to thinking. When I’m removed from the college live (a.k.a. “the dream”) I’m going to look back on my life and remember certain people by their roles in my life.

I know I’ve expressed this to some of you before, but I’ll elaborate. It’s so weird to think that I’m going to remember where I’m sitting right now as my desk at my first apartment…even though it’s an on-campus apartment. I’ll always have this seat, this desk, the chair, the TV, the fan, my mirror, and all of the mess burned into  my mind as this stepping stone. I am now making memories I will look back on fondly ten, twenty, thirty, etc. years down the road and smile because of the things I am doing now.

It’s a surreal feeling. The friends I ate dinner with tonight? I will remember them as some of the best people I’ve ever met in my life–the people who were STRUGGLIN’ with me, who danced with me, laughed with me, cried with me, puked with me, and so many other things. These people are an inextricable part of my life that I will always love.

My boyfriend right now? (I really hope he’s not reading this because I’d be embarrassed.) He is my college boyfriend. And, yes, I’ve had one before him, but when I look back on these years, he will be my college love! (OH MY GOD ANITA SAYING THE L WORD WHAT? That’s another story that we won’t tell here…hehe :D) But, like, we’ve all heard the stories about our parents’ college boyfriends, if they had them, and I’m just like…oh god I am making these memories now.

We hear the stories about the college roommate…and we’re making them. You, my friends, my roomies, you are legends in the making. It’s just blowing my mind that I’m currently smack in the middle of probably the most pivotal experience of my life. I feel like I shouldn’t treat this normally. It’s like…I’m drinking a milkshake, and yes, it is one that brings all the boys to the yard. I’m in the middle of the milkshake, still enjoying it, but I feel as though I am at the bottom and I should be sucking up every last drop of it. I don’t know, it’s weird to just think I’m nonchalantly cruising through my days when these are apparently the best days of my life.

The lady who does my eyebrows said to me that I should enjoy college. She said, “You’ll never get those days back.” I’m trying to do my best to enjoy these days, and I think I’m doing a good job, but I just don’t want to think about a time when this will end. Ahh!

I like how this blog is primarily me coming to terms with getting older. I am such a twenty-something.

I guess the take-away message of this is…if you’re in my life, thanks for being there. I’m going to look back, think of you, and smile because you made the best years of my life worthwhile. After I think of you, I’ll text you or some business, then you’ll come over and we’ll make fun adult drinks and shoot the shit. 🙂

Making some memories with some of my favorite ladies ❤


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